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Jermain Njemanze
Jermain Njemanze February 22, 2021

An Intelligent, New Approach to Old Cybersecurity Challenges

How to Optimize SIEM Performance With Threat Intelligence and IOC Matching The nature of information technology is such that it is always expanding and being innovated at a pace that can be daunting to keep up with. The cybersecurity market in particular is constantly updating itself with the development of new technologies,…

Anomali Threat Research
Anomali Threat Research February 10, 2021

Probable Iranian Cyber Actors, Static Kitten, Conducting Cyberespionage Campaign Targeting UAE and Kuwait Government Agencies

ScreenConnect Remote Access Tool Utilizing Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Themed EXEs and URLs Authored by: Gage Mele, Winston Marydasan, and Yury Polozov Key Findings Anomali Threat Research identified a campaign targeting government agencies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and likely the broader Middle East. We assess with medium…

Anomali Threat Research
Anomali Threat Research December 29, 2020

Anomali ThreatStream Sunburst Backdoor Custom Dashboard Provides Machine Readable IOCs Related To SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack

SolarWinds, a provider of IT management and monitoring software deployed by thousands of global customers, was breached between March and June of 2020 by an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) that cybersecurity company FireEye is tracking as UNC2452. As part of the supply chain attack, the APT compromised the company’s Orion…

Anomali Threat Research
Anomali Threat Research December 21, 2020

Anomali Threat Research Warns Consumers: Don’t Use Bitcoin to Buy “Hatched” German Shepherds This Holiday Season

Key Findings In early December 2020, Anomali Threat Research identified a website engaging in fraudulent dog sales, specifically for German Shepherds. The analysis revealed 17 additional websites also engaging in pet fraud activities for birds and cats, as well as one phone number match for a Facebook page car fraud scheme, and…

Anomali Threat Research
Anomali Threat Research December 17, 2020

FireEye, SolarWinds Hacks Show that Detection is Key to Solid Defense

Several years back, industry analyst firm Gartner began circulating the idea that almost every major enterprise and government agency was either compromised or would be compromised at some point in time. This week, when we woke up to the news that FireEye and SolarWinds had joined the ranks of the hacked, we learned once again…

John Callon
John Callon December 17, 2020

Anomali December Release: The Need for Speed

We are happy to announce the Anomali Quarterly Release for December 2020. For our product and engineering teams to deliver this latest set of features and enhancements, they worked closely with our customers with a particular eye to further improving the speed of threat intelligence operations. As organizations mature in their…

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