July 23, 2014
Greg Martin

Buckle Up

<p>Today is a huge day for ThreatStream. Just under two years ago we entered the market with a simple idea: to properly defend your network from cyber threats you have to know who is attacking you. Most companies operate without this knowledge, but ThreatStream is essentially changing this paradigm with its OPTIC platform, bringing <em><strong>actionable</strong></em> threat intelligence into enterprise security operations.</p><p>Our tremendous market reception has resulted in 10x growth of our team and 50x growth of our user base in just the past 12 months.</p><p>I&#39;m happy to say we are now the fastest growing cyber security startup in Silicon Valley (measured by number of users). With fast growth and innovation come significant challenges requiring a company to focus their energy on their *core purpose*. At ThreatStream, our core purpose is to create the most disruptive and exciting threat intelligence platform.</p><p>To achieve the new level of focus I&#39;m very excited to announce that I asked Hugh Njemanze to the join the ThreatStream team as CEO. Hugh&#39;s leadership helped to define a revolutionary new product and market – SIEM – over 10 years ago. With the same kind of energy and passion that made ArcSight such a success, Hugh and I (as CTO and Chief of Product) will try and repeat history by defining the standard in Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIP), and becoming the leader in this new and exciting market.</p><p>To sum things up, we have achieved a tremendous amount of traction in the last year, and with a great leadership team and talented staff, we are geared up for even more amazing things. Buckle up.</p>

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