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September 20 - 22, 2017


Category: Anomali Enterprise

Anomali Enterprise Cyber Threat Intelligence

How Anomali Enterprise Helped Me Detect Malware In My Home Network

Have you ever wondered who is trying to connect to your home network? Or from your home network to the internet? Few internet users consider either of these questions (and the ones that do usually work in the security industry). Many believe the router their...
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Anomali Enterprise Cyber Threat Intelligence SIEM Splunk Threat Intelligence Platform

Anomali Reports: Analyse Splunk Events To See If You’ve Been Breached

Anomali Reports analyses your companies IT activity against millions of Indicators of Comprimise (IOCs) stored in Threatstream. Each week a Threat Analysis report is automatically generated for you to review. Reports are delivered via web and email and they highlight the most critical security incidents, alerting you to potential security...
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Anomali Enterprise ThreatStream

Anomali Opens New Office in Belfast, Ireland

One of the biggest challenges that comes with delivering a popular product is managing the associated growth. Anomali has experienced tremendous growth each year since its founding in 2013. As Anomali continues to grow in Europe, it only makes sense to increase our presence to serve that market.“Anomali has...
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