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Roberto Sanchez
Roberto Sanchez October 15, 2020

COVID-19 Attacks – Defending Your Organization

Overview The Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) global pandemic has caused widespread fear of the unknown and deadly aspects of this novel virus, generated growth in certain industries to combat it, and created a shift toward remote work environments to slow the spread of the disease. Defending Your Organization Against COVID-19 Cyber…

Andrew de Lange
Andrew de Lange March 12, 2020

Wolves Attack When the Herd Is Distracted

Andrew de Lange, Anomali’s Senior Solutions Consultant in the Middle East, provides some insight into his time as Head of Intelligence and Incident Response for a major African bank.Can You Stay Focused On Cybersecurity During a Pandemic?Weekends, holidays and now most recently, panic during the Coronavirus pandemic, all of…

Hugh Njemanze
Hugh Njemanze October 24, 2019

Anomali: History in the Making

Let me kick off this post by extending a big “thank you” to everyone who participated in Detect ‘19, our fourth annual threat intelligence industry conference. Hundreds of attendees spanning customers, partners, employees, and special guests joined us in National Harbor, Maryland to participate in this…

David Empringham
David Empringham September 26, 2019

Using Social Media (SOCMINT) in Threat Hunting

(Concepts and workflows developed by Chris Collins, Scott Poley, and Thomas Gorman)Social Media is such a prominent activity in our online lives. It allows its users to communicate and share information. It can also be abused for fraud, cybercrime, and the distribution of misinformation.That being said, I have to ask the…

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