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J. Gomez
J. Gomez February 16, 2017

MHN Radar: Databases Under Siege

Anomali’s Modern Honeypot Network (MHN for short) is a worldwide network of honeypot sensors that collects data on scans, probes and intrusions of various network ports and services. By looking at data collected by MHN we can piece together a picture of the current threat landscape for a variety of services.Recently,…

David Greenwood
David Greenwood February 1, 2017

Splunking The Modern Honey Network: Getting Value From Your Honeypots Data (Part 1)

Whilst The Modern Honey Network Server alone is powerful, exporting the data for further manipulation and analysis can be very useful. It is common to see security teams feeding MHN attack data directly into their SIEM for correlation against events generated from other security tools, like Threatstream.It is easy to export data…

Joe Franscella
Joe Franscella September 27, 2016

Building Raspberry Pi Honeypots On A Budget

It is no longer sufficient to run a singular security application and expect your network to be protected from threats. Zero-day exploits can catch your anti-malware software off guard, and anything encrypted can potentially be decrypted if an outsider wants the data badly enough. With all that is riding on the sanctity of your…

Joe Franscella
Joe Franscella September 7, 2016

Five Ways to Include MHN in Your Security Strategy

Honeypots are versatile tools to add to your cyber-security arsenal. Using a sandbox environment to entice hackers is a great research tool. Not only are you preserving your legitimate network from harm, visitors leave important clues about their identity and objectives.The Modern Honey Net is growing in popularity as an…

Joe Franscella
Joe Franscella August 17, 2016

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of the Modern Honey Network

Setting up a honeypot is a well-known strategy for having a complete cyber-security system. The honeypot is a phony, low-stakes web environment you set up as a decoy. Hackers find the resource and by exploring it for vulnerability, leave clues about their identities and motivations. In addition to incriminating themselves, the…

Joe Franscella
Joe Franscella August 5, 2016

Turn the Tables on Cyber-Crime With The Modern Honey Network

If your network is hacked, you will have a multitude of reactions, including an urge to respond in kind. Technically hacking the hackers isn’t legal, but deceiving intruders is! Advanced persistent threats are targeted at those who have information of value to the hacker. Scrubbing away malware is a simple process one can…

Joe Franscella
Joe Franscella July 18, 2016

The Accuracy Of The Honeypot Network

Discovering evidence that someone is probing your network for weaknesses before they successfully attack makes all the difference. You will learn a lot about your enemies and what they are seeking after your network has been infected or your data has been stolen, copied, or sabotaged. But there is no reason to go through that when…

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