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Elayne Hovsmith
Elayne Hovsmith June 21, 2017

Anomali Limo - Free Intelligence Feeds

If today’s threat landscape were a road, it would be marred with all kinds of obstacles- potholes of malware, a flat tire of phishing emails, and maybe even a stolen car/computer through a botnet. It’s treacherous to navigate- particularly if you don’t have a mature security program. Even the smallest of…

Anissa Khalid
Anissa Khalid May 22, 2017

STAXX 2.3 is Here - Features New Anomali Limo Service

We're pleased to announce a major update to STAXX with version 2.3, which includes our brand new Anomali Limo service - a collection of free threat intelligence feeds. We're also pleased to announce Anomali Forum - a discussion board focused on cybersecurity and threat intelligence.Anomali LimoSince we launched STAXX back…

Elayne Hovsmith
Elayne Hovsmith May 4, 2017

STIX/TAXII: All Your Questions Answered

What are they?STIX/TAXII are community-driven standards and protocols for sharing cyber threat intelligence. Technically speaking, STIX and TAXII are not sharing programs, tools, or software, but rather components and standards that support them. STIX states the what of threat intelligence, while TAXII defines how that information…

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