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Ashwin Radhakrishnan
Ashwin Radhakrishnan June 14, 2021

SOAR Is an Architecture, Not a Product

Over the past several years, the rising star of security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) tools keeps climbing higher. As organizations struggle to handle the crush of alerts surging out of their security controls with not enough cybersecurity professionals to manage the work, SOAR products promise to bring some…

Jermain Njemanze
Jermain Njemanze May 26, 2021

Threat Intelligence Platforms Help Organizations Overcome Key Security Hurdles

Dealing with Big Data, Providing Context, Integration, and Fast Understanding of New Threats are Among the Benefits Threat Intelligence Platforms or TIPs Provide When industry analysts survey most security professionals these days, the common consensus is that it’s now harder to manage security operations than ever before.…

Anomali Threat Research
Anomali Threat Research December 29, 2020

Anomali ThreatStream Sunburst Backdoor Custom Dashboard Provides Machine Readable IOCs Related To SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack

SolarWinds, a provider of IT management and monitoring software deployed by thousands of global customers, was breached between March and June of 2020 by an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) that cybersecurity company FireEye is tracking as UNC2452. As part of the supply chain attack, the APT compromised the company’s Orion…

Joe Franscella
Joe Franscella June 19, 2019

Anomali Adds DomainTools Iris to APP Store

The DomainTools Iris App for Anomali creates tremendous value for our joint customers and amplifies the complementary values of both solutions. Customers will now benefit from the aggregation and overlay of DomainTools data with other internal and external sources in Anomali for context to determine whether or not to take…

Joe Gehrke
Joe Gehrke April 4, 2019

Unlock Your Threat Data with the Enrichment SDK

A few months back, Anomali released a set of SDKs that greatly expanded our ability to deliver content within the platform, and with integrated systems. One of those SDKs – focusing on enrichments – was introduced to provide a straightforward means for adding contextual information. In the threat intel world,…

Alex Norman & Max Menuhin
Alex Norman & Max Menuhin January 24, 2019

Partner Spotlight: Silobreaker

One of the key differentiators between good security and great security is the interconnectedness between security solutions. Organizations need numerous specialized tools to aggregate, analyze, monitor, block, share - the list goes on. The more seamless the transfer of information and actions between these tools, the more…

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