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Passive DNS Analytic Use Cases in ThreatStream

As mentioned in our previous blogpost on passive DNS (PDNS), ThreatStream recently added passive DNS to its Optic™ Platform.  Passive DNS is a technique for capturing, storing, and indexing DNS queries and responses to enable forensic search, discovery, and analysis over historic DNS records.  It enables analysts...

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Introduction to Passive DNS Usage in ThreatStream

As most seasoned security and forensics analysts know, passive DNS (PDNS) is incredibly useful for discovering new relationships between IP addresses and domain names when researching or triaging a new network Indicator of Compromise (IoC).  Passive DNS is a technique for capturing, storing, and indexing DNS queries and responses...

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ThreatStream OPTIC Maltego Integration

  ThreatStream LABS is excited to announce the capability for ThreatStream customers to utilize OPTIC's extensive intelligence database from within Paterva's Maltego Data and Link visualization tool using our new Maltego transforms.  These transforms allow users to enrich entities and expand on indicators of warning (IOW)...

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Buckle Up

Today is a huge day for ThreatStream. Just under two years ago we entered the market with a simple idea: to properly defend your network from cyber threats you have to know who is attacking you. Most companies operate without this knowledge, but ThreatStream is essentially changing this paradigm with...

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ThreatStream: A New Approach

Listen to ThreatStream CEO, Hugh Njemanze discuss the growth of threat intelligence and how ThreatStream differentiates itself from others in the industry.

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Threat Stream Launches next-gen Threat Intelligence Platform

Greetings Threat Stream community,We are pleased to announce that we have successfully launched the next version of the Threat Stream Threat Intelligence Platform. By working closely with the community of users we have not only enhanced the look and feel of the platform but have added valuable features allowing...

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Chinese Hackers Pilfer US Military Crown Jewels

A new leaked report has recently exposed Chinese sponsored cyber attacks have resulted in the theft of top US military technologies such as (but not limited to):Terminal High Altitude Area Defense Patriot Advanced Capability-3 Extended Area Protection and Survivability System (EAPS) F-35 V-22 Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System USMC...

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Does your SIEM do this?

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