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Simplifying the Deployment and Management of Honeypot Sensors

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Complete Honeypot Solution

Honeypots can be used to collect valuable intelligence about certain malicious activities but haven’t seen widespread adoption due to the largely DIY nature of deploying and managing them. The Modern Honey Network is free open source yet enterprise-grade software to make deploying and managing honeypots simple. This allows organizations and researchers to quickly spool up individual or networks of honeypots and take advantage of the intelligence they can provide.

Supported Honeypots and Sensors

MHN supports the following open source honeypots and network sensors:

  • Dionaea
  • Conpot
  • Cowrie
  • Amun
  • Glastopf
  • Wordpot
  • ShockPot
  • Elastichoney
  • p0f
  • Snort
  • Suricata

Other honeypots or sensors, even home-grown ones, can easily be added as well.

MHN offers a ready to use REST API and supports the hpfeeds protocol making it straightforward to integrate with other solutions. Integration with other Anomali products is a breeze and this brings additional standards like CEF and STIX support to the table.


Installing MHN is as easy as:

         $ cd /opt/
         $ git clone
         $ cd mhn
         $ sudo ./

Support & Contact

MHN is an open source project brought to you by the passionate folks at Anomali. Please checkout our MHN troubleshooting guide on the wiki. We will also lend a hand if needed, find us at:

Additional information can be found at the Modern Honeynet Project Github page:


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