Central Threat Day

Central Threat Day

Wednesday, October 27, 2021
11:00am CT | 9:00am PT | 12:00pm ET

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About The Event

Anomali is hosting a virtual cyber threat intelligence briefing with Digital Shadows and Cybersixgill. Learn from industry thought-leaders about maintaining visibility of tactical intelligence, data leakage, and hunting adversaries at the Central Threat Day.

Who Should Attend

This session is intended for both CXO and Senior Technical Staff. Attendees can anticipate walking away with recommendations for their teams and tangible information to research within their own environments.

Giving Back

We will be donating to the Cyversity on behalf of all attendees. Cybersity is a non-profit, dedicated to the academic and professional success of minority cybersecurity students and professionals. Come learn and help those in need in our community!


11:00amOpening Remarks
11:30amDigital Shadows


Managing the Intersection of Threat Intelligence and Organizational Goals

Joe Gehrke, Solutions Architect, Anomali
As with any function within an organization, threat intelligence must be tied to organizational goals. But this has often been very ad-hoc or reactive in nature, with no robust solutions to aid in tracking this relationship. In this session, we will see how ThreatStream enables you to attribute threat intelligence efforts to larger organizational goals, and maintain visibility of tactical intelligence as it flows through your environment.

Detecting Exposed Data: Beyond Ransomware

MJ Knudsen, Senior Sales Engineer Manager, Digital Shadows
With increased data dumps related to ransomware, security teams are increasingly concerned about sensitive data exposed on the dark web. Unfortunately, data is exposed in even more locations, even more often. Code repositories, websites, and misconfigured file stores are exposing billions of files. Luckily, there are approaches you can take to detect and remediate these issues. Join Digital Shadows to learn about best practices for detecting exposed data online, top sources of exposed data, types of exposed data, and free tools to get started.

Evolving Threat Hunting to Adversary Hunting Using Threat Intelligence

Sumukh Tendulkar, Sr. Director, Product Marketing and Edan Cohen, Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist, Cybersixgill
The threat hunting practice has helped security teams detect and reduce dwell time of stealth threats. But most hunting expeditions focus on threats - leaving the adversary free to launch another set of attacks with different tactics. We need to evolve threat hunting into a hunt for the adversary. The deep and dark web, and other closed sources, provide valuable insights into the motivations and activities of threat actors. Over the course of this session, we will understand the motivation behind the actions of these actors, their social networks, and how to anticipate their next steps.

Earn CPE Credits
Are you a certified CISSP? You can earn up to 1 CPE for attending this event.


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