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London Threat Intelligence Summit
Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

About The Event

Anomali is hosting a complimentary London-based educational half-day seminar and drinks evening, with the primary focus on cyber threat intelligence. The event brings together the community, to discuss challenges, requirements and best practices. Industry-leading threat intelligence thought-leaders and providers will give briefings on today’s adversaries and their attack techniques.


  • Intel471
  • Silobreaker
  • Cyber Defense Alliance
  • Verodin

Who Should Attend

The half-day Summit is designed and intended for the benefit of both CXO level and practitioners in Security Operations, Cyber Threat Intelligence and Business Risk. Attendees should anticipate to take away tangible information, strategies and ideas, for your teams to research within your own environments.


Sheraton Park Lane, Mayfair, London W1J 7BX


12:30 - 13:00Registration/Coffee & Networking
13:00 - 13:10Anomali - Welcome - Dan Barahona
13:10 - 13:50Cyber Defence Alliance (CDA) - Maria Vello
Ms Maria Vello, CISSP, joined the CDA in April 2016. Prior to this, she was CEO and President of the NCFTA (National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance) for three years. Maria brings a wealth of experience in trust-based collaboration, information sharing across industry, law enforcement, government and academia to proactively detect, protect, deter, dismantle and stop cybercrime/threats. She has effectively led teams to leverage cross-sector resources and threat intelligence to more effectively analyse, correlate and attribute critical real-time intelligence against emerging cyber threats and deliver actionable intelligence to both industry and law enforcement.

“Collaborating to Drive Resilience, Preparedness and Proven Results”
Taking the fight to the miscreants. In cyber, what is more, important knowing the emerging threat, taking an action-oriented approach and defeating thy enemy or knowing who is behind the keyboard? How can you be sure whose hands are on the keyboard? Collaborating for results-oriented outcomes, resilience and attribution.
13:50 - 14:30Anomali - Kailyn Johnson & Sara Moore, Threat Intelligence Experts
Sara Moore is a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst for Anomali. Her work focuses on strategic and operational intelligence analysis. She has previously worked in the finance sector, with the CDA, and UK CERT (now NCSC).

Kailyn is a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at Anomali. Her work focuses on research and analysis of cyber security threats and threat actors from a geopolitical and social sciences perspective. Her efforts help customers gain greater context of the cyber threat landscape and implications of past/present/future cyber threats. She has previously worked for a security and risk assessment intelligence platform, as well as at a think tank that focused on strategic forecasting for Iraq.

“European Cyber Threat Landscape; A strategic assessment”
An intelligence briefing on the cyber threats facing Europe amid current geopolitical uncertainty, with a case study on Brexit. This briefing will highlight strategic threats to Europe with added insight on how strategic intelligence enables organisations to defend themselves.
14:30 - 15:10Intel 471 - Maurits Lucas, Director of Intelligence Solutions
Maurits Lucas is Director of Intelligence Solutions at Intel 471, where he specialises in bridging the gap between technology and business. Prior to Intel 471, Maurits worked with Flashpoint and InTELL, Fox-IT’s Cyber Intelligence team. He has held various positions in IT Security over the past 17 years and is a subject matter expert on cybercrime, presenting his research and providing his thought-leadership to distinguished audiences around the world.

“Intelligence is good - structured intelligence is better”
Cyber intelligence from the criminal underground has a key role to play in helping organisations mitigate risk. Structure is key as it allows organisations to link events and trends observed in the underground to what is going on inside the organisation. Without it, all too often intelligence just remain stories. In this talk, Maurits will discuss ways of structuring your cyber intelligence efforts and also present recent developments in the cyber-criminal underground.
15:10 - 15:30Networking Break
15:30 - 16:10Silobreaker - Max Mansson, Client Director UK-Europe
Max is Client Director at Silobreaker, an expert in all things OSINT and skilled in understanding and realising complex security & intelligence requirements for both private and public sector use cases.

“Context is King: Understanding Threats in an Unstructured World”
Context is essential to understand the bigger picture around cyber threats. These findings are more likely to come from external unstructured data than technical threat feeds. Looking outside the perimeter is becoming a ‘must have’ for a proactive intelligence effort. But where do you look and how do you find value?
16:10 - 16:40ING - Greg Wilkinson, Threat Intelligence Lead
Greg is the Cyber-Intelligence lead Analyst at ING with a focus on building the intelligence-driven security operations environment for the future. His specific interests and expertise include threat actor tracking and threat hunting workflows.

“The Importance Of Requirements In Extracting Cyber Threat Intelligence Value”
Creating business value from CTI relies on a nuanced understanding of the information needs of the key stakeholders in your organisation. In this presentation I discuss the difficulties CTI teams run into when gathering and maintaining requirements from stakeholders and propose practices that can help alleviate such issues.
16:40 - 17:20Verodin - Colby DeRodeff, CTO
Colby is the CTO at Verodin, responsible for driving the company’s technology strategy and supporting the rapid expansion of its Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP). Prior to joining Verodin, Colby co-founded the threat intelligence and analysis platform, Anomali where he led strategic initiatives, business development, and worldwide field operations. Additionally, Colby has held senior leadership positions with both Arcsight and Silver Tail Systems, where he played an instrumental role in the successful IPO of ArcSight as well as the acquisition of both companies by HP and RSA/EMC, respectively.

“Security Instrumentation - A focus on Threat Actor Assurance”
Empowering organisations to remove assumptions and prove their security effectiveness with empiric data. How to validate cybersecurity tools, to know and no longer guess, answering the fundamental question: “Are we safe?
17:20 - 17:30Dan Barahona, CMO - Closing Remarks
17:30 - 22:00Networking, Drinks, Canapes, Pizza

Anomali - Niall MacLeod, Head of EMEA Solutions Engineering & Silobreaker - Max Menuhin, Senior Solutions Architect
Niall and Max will e on-hand during the networking time to provide a demonstration of the integrated solution of Anomali, Intel 471 and Silobreaker.

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