Middle East Threat Intelligence Workshop and Panel Discussion

Middle East Threat Intelligence Workshop and Panel Discussion

Monday, 9th of August 2021
11:00am to 12:30pm GMT+4

Save Your Spot

In this session, we will explore the various moving parts of the current wave of ransomware attacks. We will highlight how you can use high-fidelity threat intelligence to mitigate the risks associated with ransomware by focusing not just on the ransomware but on the activities that precede it and how you can operationalise this intelligence in your security infrastructure.

Anomali will demonstrate how you can stay ahead of the threat by operationalizing intelligence within your security infrastructure and will cover the fundamentals of ensuring maximal visibility and awareness of impending threats in your IT environment, ensuring you can stay ahead of attacks.

Polyswarm will focus on taking one element of intelligence to paint a full picture of a ransomware attack that enables security and risk professionals to identify, detect and respond to future ransomware attacks. PolySwarm will then cover how to avoid existing protection gaps and better protect enterprises against new threats.

RiskIQ will share an overview of their security intelligence and analytics platform, which allows for the discovery of your internet attack surface and delivers relevant and actionable intelligence to protect your organization.

Join the session to get a better understanding of current ransomware attacks and how to mitigate them. 


11:00amOpening Remarks
12:00pmPanel Discussion


Tying Loose Ends

Andrew de Lange, Intelligence Solutions Architect, Anomali
More often than not, the full picture cannot be painted without using different colours and paintbrushes. In intelligence, to get the full picture is no different. Andrew will demonstrate how the use of combining intelligence data on the Anomali canvas assists in getting the full story

Tracking Down Ransomware

Christopher Elisan, VP of Threat Intelligence at PolySwarm, Polyswarm
Armed with actionable intelligence, this talk will focus on taking a piece of intel to paint a full picture of a ransomware attack that enables security and risk professionals to identify, detect and respond to a ransomware attack.

Analysis of Ransomware Infrastructure 

Jamil Mirza, Principal Solutions Architect, RiskIQ
Understanding ransomware and its infrastructure is important in order for organizations to keep track of adversaries. This talk will focus on how PassiveTotal can help organizations understand threat infrastructure and identify indicators of compromise through crowd-sourced research into threat actors, datasets & malicious campaigns.



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