New England Threat Day

Wednesday, December 16th 2020
11:00am to 12:30pm ET

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About The Event

Learn about emerging threats and innovative threat intelligence strategies from Fidelity Investments, K logix, and Anomali! This virtual threat briefing will bring the community together to discuss threat intelligence challenges, requirements, and best practices. Industry experts and threat intelligence thought-leaders will provide briefings on today’s threat landscape, adversaries, and their attack techniques.

Who Should Attend

This session is intended for both CXO and senior technical staff. Attendees can anticipate walking away with recommendations for their teams and tangible information to research within their own environments.

Giving Back

We will be donating to Children's Voice International (CVI) on behalf of all who attend. CVI is a nonprofit with the vision to end human trafficking, and provides trafficked children with scholarship opportunities to help them pursue their academic goals. Come learn and help those in need in our community!

Earn CPE Credits

Are you a certified CISSP? You can earn up to 1 CPE credit for attending this event. Instructions for claiming your CPE will be sent over email following the conclusion of the event.


11:00amOpening Remarks
11:30amK logix
12:00pmFidelity Investments
12:25pmClosing Remarks


Building Effective Cyber Threat Intelligence Programs

AJ Nash, Senior Director of Cyber Intelligence Strategy, Anomali

Threat intelligence is used to proactively combat cyber threats, cut through data overload, and increase productivity, but many organizations still struggle to utilize threat intelligence to its full potential. AJ Nash will cover the most common challenges enterprises face today, the fundamentals of intelligence, and walk through the building and maintaining an effective cyber intelligence program. Learn how to connect external data with internal knowledge to operationalize a unified intelligence picture for intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions.

Contemporary Cyber Intel is the Kobayashi Maru

Erik Kamerling, Lead Information Security Consultant, K logix

The Kobayashi Maru (KM) is a training exercise in the Star Trek universe designed to test the character of Starfleet Academy cadets in a no-win scenario. The test was solved (for the first and only time) when James T. Kirk reprogrammed the exercise simulator to allow for a solution. Laws, regulations, standards, social customs, and rules of engagement present in the contemporary Internet environment limit our ability to fully solve cyber intelligence challenges. We are framed in a no-win Cyber KM simulation being drowned in artifacts, enrichments, data points, and threat discoveries, with no real ability to compose and employ counter-force. Much like how Kirk found a solution to the Kobayashi test by changing the rules of the game, it is also possible for us to make headway in Cyber Intelligence theater, and perhaps even solve certain aspects of it in novel ways. This requires devising out-of-bounds strategies and unexpected capabilities that are unanticipated by our adversaries. This talk introduces the lateral paths required to devise the unexpected tools and techniques required to solve the Kobayashi Maru of Cyber Intelligence.

Maturing a Cyberthreat Intelligence Program–Tradecraft and Tools

Trish Denno, VP Cyberthreat Intelligence, Fidelity Investments

This presentation will discuss how you can optimize your intelligence sources, open source information, telemetry, and your threat intelligence platform to develop a reporting cadence and a loyal following.  We will look at the lessons learned in standing up a cyberthreat analysis team, defining requirements, and exploiting the organization’s tech stack to identify potential threats and to assign threat ratings. Engaging with peer cyber teams you can help prioritize patching, blocking, and threat detection.  There is a science in tying everything together.



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