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Government CIO

August 27, 2018  |  Government CIO, Amanda Ziadeh

Report Says Election Offices ‘Highly Susceptible’ to Digital Attacks. What Now?

Despite warnings about possible cyberattacks aimed at undermining midterm election security, new research reveals an overwhelming number of evaluated state, territory and District of Columbia election offices as highly vulnerable to email spoofing.Released today, the “Email Spoofing Threat to the 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections” report...
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Global Security Mag

August 17, 2018  |  Global Security Mag, Marc Jacob

Utilisez une plateforme de Threat Intelligence pour ne pas être aveugle face aux menaces externes

Anomali a été créée en 2013 et est aujourd’hui forte de plus de 300 personnes dans le monde dont 95 qui font de la R&D. Cette société propose bien plus qu’une simple plateforme de Threat Management grâce ...
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Digital Journal

August 1, 2018  |  Digital Journal

Threat Intelligence Market Is Anticipated To Propel Growth

According to new report available with Million Insights, the factors that drive the growth of the global threat intelligence market include collective number of sophisticated cloud several initiatives and increasing government compliance on data security.Read More
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Solutions Review

July 30, 2018  |  Solutions Review, Ben Canner

CRN Emerging Vendors 2018: 9 SIEM Tools to Consider

IT news and analysis outlet CRN recently released its 2018 Emerging Vendors report, a listing that shines a spotlight on some of the most attention-grabbing channel-focused providers.Read More
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June 26, 2018  |  albawaba

UAE Banks Federation Organizes ‘Tasharuk’ Workshop

With the objective of providing deeper insights on its cyber threat intelligence sharing platform, the UAE Banks Federation (UBF) today, June 26, 2018, hosted a workshop on ‘TASHARUK’ for its member banks in Abu Dhabi. Organized by UBF’s Information Security Committee for the heads of information and cyber...
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June 6, 2018  |  eWeek, Sean Michael Kerner

Verizon Looks to Accelerate Threat Detection With New Service

Verizon announced its new Threat Intelligence Platform service on June 5, bringing insight from the company's broad cyber-security incident investigation operations to enterprises. With the new subscription-based service, cyber-security threat intelligence that comes from Verizon's own network is being made available via an integration with the Anomali Threat Platform....
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June 6, 2018  |  Nasdaq, Zacks Equity Research

Verizon Offers Subscription-Based Service for Cyber Threat

Verizon Communications Inc. VZ has launched the new subscription-based Threat Intelligence Platform Service, to detect and address cyber threats more effectively. This service is delivered via the Threat Platform of Anomali, the technological partner of Verizon's new venture. The platform, which will be available globally from fall...
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RCR Wireless News

June 5, 2018  |  RCR Wireless News, Kelly Hill

Verizon expands cybersecurity services

Verizon combines threat data from its network with data breach research, Anomali partnership Verizon is expanding its managed cybersecurity offerings, dipping into threat-related data it collects across its own network to inform “cyber-situational awareness” for its customers.Read More
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June 5, 2018  |  ITWeb

Anomali and Blue Turtle partner to deliver advanced threat detection

Blue Turtle today announced an alliance with Anomali, an industry-leading threat-intelligence management and collaboration provider. Through this partnership Blue Turtle will provide its customers with a suite of threat-intelligence capabilities, providing earlier detection of attacks from adversaries, helping security teams better prepare for intrusions and share threat assessments with key...
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May 25, 2018  |  CSO, Michael Nadeau

What is cryptojacking? How to prevent, detect, and recover from it

Cryptojacking is the unauthorized use of someone else’s computer to mine cryptocurrency. Hackers do this by either getting the victim to click on a malicious link in an email that loads crypto mining code on the computer, or by infecting a website or online ad with...
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