What we can (and can’t) learn from the latest Shadow Brokers dump

While the Shadow Brokers’ most recent stunt of leaking an old list of supposed NSA staging server may reveal tactics, tools and procedures once used by some of the country’s most elite hackers, the newly released evidence can be easily disputed, experts say.Shortly after Monday&rsquo...

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Flood of threat intelligence overwhelming for many firms

The amount of threat information coming in from security systems is overwhelming for many companiesThree years after Target missed alerts warning them about a massive data breach, the amount of threat information coming in from security systems is still overwhelming for many companies, according to new reports, due to...

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Organizations Feel Bogged Down By Security Threats

Millions of businesses and other organizations now recognize the serious threat they face from mismanaging their sensitive data or being attacked. However, many companies don't do enough to adequately protect their IT infrastructure and keep up with the latest cybersecurity trends, in part because they feel inundated by this...

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Too Much Threat Data Hinders Cybersecurity Efforts

Take a look at some of these numbers from Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report. In 2015, Symantec discovered more than 400 million new pieces of malware, an increase of 36 percent over 2014. On average, there was one new zero-day vulnerability found each week. Approximately a half billion records were compromised. Ransomware...

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eSecurity Planet

73 Percent of Security Pros Aren’t Using Threat Intelligence Data Effectively

According to the results of a recent survey of 1,072 security industry professionals, 73 percent of respondents admit they aren't using threat data effectively to pinpoint cyber threats.The top reasons for that lack of effectiveness include lack of staff expertise (69 percent of respondents), lack of ownership (58 percent), and lack of...

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Integrating threat intelligence with existing security technologies

70 percent of security industry professionals believe threat intelligence is often too voluminous and/or complex to provide actionable insights.Perceptions about the integration of threat intelligence with security technologiesThe Ponemon Institute study, based on 1,072 respondents in the United Kingdom and North America, also showed that organizations neglect to share...

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70 percent of organizations are swamped by threat data

New research from threat intelligence platform Anomali and the Ponemon Institute shows that 70 percent of security industry professionals believe threat intelligence is often too big and/or complex to provide actionable insights.It also shows that they often fail to share essential threat data with board members and C-level executives,...

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Infosecurity Magazine

Firms Value Threat Intel … But Fail to Use it Properly

The vast majority of security professionals in the UK and North American rate threat intelligence as an important part of cybersecurity but inadequate tools, training and processes are holding organizations back, according to a new study.Security vendor Anomali polled over 1000 security professionals in the two geographies to find that...

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Threat overload is real and affects the majority of firms

There's too much threat intelligence to draw out any useful information out of it.Out of 1,072 security industry professionals, 70 per cent believe threat intelligence is too extensive and complex to provide any actionable insights. This is according to a new report by threat intelligence platform provider Anomali, and the...

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Business Reporter

70 per cent of businesses overwhelmed by threat intelligence data

Seven in ten businesses are overwhelmed with cyber threat intelligence data, according to a new report.Research by Anomali and the Ponemon Institute found that 70 per cent of security professionals believe the data is too voluminous and complex to be actionable.It also showed that only 31 per cent of board...

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