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InfoSecurity Group

January 9, 2017  |  InfoSecurity Group, Tara Seals

Researchers: Brace for a Major Cloud Provider Compromise

The balkanization of the internet and the movement of data to the cloud will define the 2017 cybersecurity landscape, according to researchers—and we should brace for a major compromise of a cloud provider.Cloud-based methods of persistence and compromise have been presented at many security conferences, including BlackHat and...
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Dark Reading

January 9, 2017  |  Dark Reading, Kelly Sheridan

DHS Designates Election Systems As Critical Infrastructure

The Department of Homeland Security has deemed the nation's voting system as part of its critical infrastructure, citing security reasons.The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has designated the nation's election system as part of its critical infrastructure, a status change it has been debating ...
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Chicago Tribune

January 6, 2017  |  Chicago Tribune, Pioneer Press

Norridge part of new Cook County cyberthreat grid

As essentially one person in charge of the village of Norridge's information technology department, Doug Strempek naturally has his limits on just how many projects he can take on.So when Cook County officials recently visited and put on a presentation about a new platform designed to support...
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Cyber Defense Magazine

December 7, 2016  |  Cyber Defense Magazine, Josh Gomez

Mitigating Detection Gaps

Mitigating Detection Gaps Corporate Security teams are often governed by strict business processes and controls that can impede rapid adopti on of new security solutions or changes to existing ones. The result of stringent change controls can sometimes mean organizations are forced to put maximum reliance on their security solutions...
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SC Magazine

December 5, 2016  |  SC Magazine, Bradley Barth

After takedown, are Avalanche and its malware families buried?

Global authorities' takedown of Avalanche, a cybercriminal network whose malware and money laundering campaigns are estimated to have cost victims in over 180 countries hundreds of millions of dollars, was an achievement four years in the making – and yet the saga is far from over.International law enforcement agencies and...
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IT Security Guru

December 2, 2016  |  IT Security Guru, Josh Gomez

Detection Gaps – An Inconvenient Truth

Corporate security teams face numerous challenges. They need to adapt to an increasing number of sophisticated attacks and at the same time, abide by strict business processes and controls. This can impede rapid adoption of new security solutions or changes to existing ones, with organisations cautious of updating these systems...
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Risk Management

December 1, 2016  |  Risk Management, Katherine Heires

Terror Tech

Recent terrorist attacks both in the United States and abroad have underscored the need for tools and strategies that can anticipate and mitigate the dangers of terrorism—whether attacks occur on city streets, in workplaces, at social gatherings, or online in the form of cyberattacks on corporate or government...
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November 23, 2016  |  eWeek, Sean Michael Kerner

Anomali Debuts Free Tool for STIX/TAXII Threat Intelligence Feeds

Anomali's New STAXX cyber-threat intelligence offering aims to help fill the void left from the shutdown of the Soltra Edge software effort.Security firm Anomali announced on Nov. 21 the debut of its new free STAXX tool to receive threat intelligence feeds.In the world of threat feeds, STIX (Structured...
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November 3, 2016  |  DARKReading, Terry Sweeney

Surveys: Security Pros Overwhelmed, Not Communicating, Threat Intel Data

Two new surveys released in the last week revealed troubling but telling trends in enterprise security: 70 percent of infosec professionals are overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of threat intelligence data, according to a report from security vendor Anomali and the Ponemon Institute; a separate survey from consultancy BDO USA...
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November 3, 2016  |  cyberscoop, Chris Bing

What we can (and can’t) learn from the latest Shadow Brokers dump

While the Shadow Brokers’ most recent stunt of leaking an old list of supposed NSA staging server may reveal tactics, tools and procedures once used by some of the country’s most elite hackers, the newly released evidence can be easily disputed, experts say.Shortly after Monday&rsquo...
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