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The Times of India, Staff | September 7, 2021

‘Windows 11 Alpha’ malware attack trying to trick people

Anomali Security researchers have discovered this new malware attack which uses a Word document claiming to be made with 'Windows 11 Alpha'.

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The Hans India, Kahekashan  | September 7, 2021

Beware! Windows 11 Alpha is a New Malware

This Windows 11 Alpha attack was discovered by Anomali Security researchers who managed to break down the technical components of the attack. Researchers claim that a cybercrime group called FIN7 is responsible for this Windows 11 Alpha malware campaign.

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Windows Central, Sean Endicott | September 6, 2021

‘Windows 11 Alpha’ malware attack tried to trick people out of financial data

Anomali Security researchers discovered the attack and break down its technical components (via Bleeping Computer). The researchers claim that cybercrime group FIN7 is likely responsible for the malware campaign. The exact method of spreading the malicious file isn't confirmed at this time but is likely email phishing or…

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HelpNetSecurity, Staff | September 5, 2021

Week in review: The state of maritime cybersecurity, zero trust architecture challenges

Here’s a look at the most interesting product releases from the past week, featuring releases from Absolute, Anomali, Cyware, Query.AI and Red Sentry.

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MS Power User, Surur | September 4, 2021

Watch out for Windows 11 Alpha

Scammers have found a way to exploit the buzz around Windows 11 to launch phishing campaigns against unsuspecting businesses. The hack was reverse-engineered by researchers at cybersecurity company Anomali, who analysed 6 samples.

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Bleeping Computer, Ionut Ilascu | September 4, 2021

Watch out for new malware campaign’s ‘Windows 11 Alpha’ attachment

Researchers at cybersecurity company Anomali analyzed six such documents and say that the delivered backdoor appears to be a variation of a payload commonly used by the FIN7 group since at least 2018.

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Security Affairs, Pierluigi Paganini | September 4, 2021

FIN7 group leverages Windows 11 Alpha-Themed docs to drop Javascript payloads

Anomali Threat Research experts have monitored recent spear-phishing attacks conducted by financially motivated threat actor FIN7. The messages used weaponized Windows 11 Alpha-themed Word documents with Visual Basic macros to drop malicious payloads, including a JavaScript backdoor, in an attack aimed at a US point-of-sale (PoS)…

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ThreatPost, Tara Seals | September 3, 2021

FIN7 Capitalizes on Windows 11 Release in Latest Gambit

The FIN7 financial cybercrime gang is back, delivering JavaScript backdoors using Word documents themed around the next version of Windows. That’s according to researchers at Anomali, who observed a recent campaign from the group that leveraged six different docs, all referencing “Windows 11 Alpha” – the…

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HelNetSecurity, Staff | September 2, 2021

Anomali XDR features extend visibility over a wider range of threat information sources

Anomali announced availability of its quarterly portfolio update. New XDR features and enhancements provide customers with the ability to align global threat intelligence with organizational security goals, extend visibility and integration over a wider range of threat information sources, detect threats with greater precision,…

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