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The Harris Poll, Staff | January 20, 2022

The Insight: How Cybersecurity Has Changed Since the Pandemic Started: Anomali-Harris Poll

Our recent survey among 800 cybersecurity decision makers, conducted with Anomali, provides visibility into the current cybersecurity threat landscape and reveals the top challenges to establishing a resilient cybersecurity posture.

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Forbes, Mark Alba | January 10, 2022

Extended Detection And Response (XDR) Can Make Your Organization More Resilient Against Attacks And Breaches

Cybersecurity industry professionals have been hearing a lot about extended detection and response (XDR) lately, an emerging innovation that widens visibility over your digital surface to better detect and respond to threats relevant to your organization. Some consider XDR to be a technology advancement with the potential to…

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Fortune, Ruth Reader | November 23, 2021

Americans are afraid their vaccine passports could get hacked

80% of Americans are worried that getting a COVID-19 digital passport could put their personal data at risk, according to a recent Harris Poll conducted in collaboration with cybersecurity platform Anomali.

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Dark Reading, Ericka Chikowski | November 22, 2021

Is XDR Overhyped? Security experts weigh in on the value and pitfalls of extended detection and response (XDR)

"XDR has emerged as the latest innovation taking aim at closing threat detection and response gaps. Whether or not XDR is over-, under-, or hyped just right remains to be seen. However, security operations teams are actively using it to connect siloed legacy tools, threat data, and intelligence to more quickly and efficiently…

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Fortune, Katherine Dunn | November 22, 2021

‘It’s huge’: Inside the black market for counterfeit COVID vaccine passports

"Since the start of the pandemic, our threat intel analysts have detected thousands of pandemic-related cyberattacks," said AJ Nash, senior director of cyber intelligence strategy at Anomali, a cybersecurity company. "We’ve also seen dark web forums selling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards, test results, and…

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Avast, David Strom | November 21, 2021

Enhancing threat intelligence using new STIX and TAXII standards

The latest round of both standards have been implemented by numerous vendors, including Accenture Security, Anomali, Avast Software, Celerium, Cyware Labs, DarkLight, EclecticIQ, FreeTAXII, Fujitsu, IBM, New Context, SEKOIA, and Trend Micro.

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Day of Dubai, Staff | November 1, 2021

UAE Banks Federation’s ‘HIMAYA - Cyber Threat Intelligence Collaboration’ Forum Addresses Cybersecurity Challenges

The panel's speakers Rinaldo R Oliveira, Vice Chairman of Information Protection Board, UAE Banks Federation; John Salomon, Regional Director EMEA, FS-ISAC, and Hugh Njemanze, Chief Executive Officer, Anomali, analyzed exactly how the Middle East's Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) was helping financial…

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IT Brief Australia, Stree Naidu | October 26, 2021

How an intelligence-driven approach can close the XDR gap

Threat detection isn’t getting any easier. Today’s threat actors are escalating the number of attacks they launch, going after more targets, using increasingly sophisticated techniques, and achieving their goals through a surreptitious approach.

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The Journal Record, Jennifer Sharpe | October 20, 2021

OK-ISAC provides cybersecurity resources across industries

OMES partnered with Anomali, an intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions provider, to develop a threat intelligence platform, Singleton said. “That platform allows us to continue to do the investigations and instant response that we do within Cyber Command, generate those intelligence products and share them back with…

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