Organizations Feel Bogged Down By Security Threats

Millions of businesses and other organizations now recognize the serious threat they face from mismanaging their sensitive data or being attacked. However, many companies don't do enough to adequately protect their IT infrastructure and keep up with the latest cybersecurity trends, in part because they feel inundated by this type of information and don't know how to properly handle it. That in itself can create serious issues when it comes to keeping up a strong enough security posture.

In fact, a recent poll found that 70 percent of IT security professionals say they get too much information about threats they face, to the point that there's not a real actionable plan they can put forward to boost their protection, according to security firm Anomali and the Ponemon Institute. Only about 31 percent of respondents said they felt they use the information they get to properly respond to the threats they face.

Specific breakdowns
When it comes to various types of threats these organizations face, the ways in which security decision makers handle specific threats vary based on the information they receive, the report said. For instance, 46 percent of respondents say they use that kind of information when it comes to malicious threats like malware, hacking attacks, viruses, and so on. Meanwhile, nearly 3 in 4 say they don't use that data for a variety of reasons when it comes to spotting threats.

Further, nearly 7 in 10 responded they don't have enough expertise on their staff to effectively respond to these threats, and about 3 in 5 said there isn't enough ownership of that task within their organizations. Finally, more than half said they don't have the right technology on hand.

For these reasons, it might be wiser for small companies to outsource some of their data management to a data center services provider. Doing so could help them to keep up strict defensive positions while still avoiding the missteps that can come with receiving too much threat data in the first place. That, in turn, can help to ensure business continuity even when something goes wrong.

One industry comes into focus
When it comes to the kinds of businesses that are more likely to face threats than others, few can measure up to what health care providers have to deal with these days, according to a new poll from Spok. Today, more than 4 in 5 CIOs at this kind of company responded that their biggest concern for the next 18 months is strengthening the security of the patient data they protect. In addition, nearly 7 in 10 say they are trying to secure text communications between staffers as well, and remain worried about both implementation and adoption of these systems.

Many care providers are currently in the process of implementing both a secure texting system and mobile apps for managing and accessing electronic health records simultaneously, the report said. This is vital to making sure everyone has the right amount of access to the information they need to deliver better care to patients.

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