Corporate Watch Program

According to a recent report, “Threat intelligence sharing is a force multiplier and a key element in keeping up with the increasing number of threat actors and the attacks they use. Organizations that do not share intelligence provide an advantage to a threat actor.”

A key advantage threat intelligence platforms offer is the ability to share and receive intelligence among the circles of trust at wire speed. Sharing threat intelligence not only allows organizations to prepare their defenses in a timely manner but also join forces in thwarting a widespread attack.

For example, your organization is a member of a trusted circle made up of top 5 banks in the country. One of the members of this circle shares information about an actor that tried infiltrating their servers last night. Chances are, this actor will try other similar businesses. Your systems and servers may be the next target. Since you’ve received an early warning, it is time to strengthen your defenses—set up firewall rules, block the actor, and ensure your critical assets and data on them are under tight access controls.

Trusted Circles

Anomali supports sharing of threat intelligence and analysis information across organizations and trusted communities via trusted circles, which allow members of a community to collaborate and discuss threat activities they have observed around a specific campaign, adversary, or incident.

In addition to organizations that participate in trusted circles, the Anomali Labs contributes and shares intelligence to our industry-specific Trusted Circles. Whether you are an organization with a mature threat intelligence organization or an army of one, you can use this intelligence to prepare against cyber attacks.

Anomali provides trusted circles focused on specific business verticals:

Health Care

Power & Energy




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Membership to these trusted circles is controlled; Anomali carefully evaluates and qualifies members. You can join these existing trusted circles or create your own around specific outbreaks, breaches, or malware. Free Account & Trial