Sharing is Power

The power of community cannot be underestimated in the cyber security world. Anomali provides the platform to participate, share, and use threat intelligence in a community.

When a user shares a Threat Intelligence Package (TIP) report with the Anomali community, it immediately becomes additional knowledge for a threat actor, campaign, and TTP. When the ThreatStream 6.0 algorithms generate threat intelligence for your organization, all sources—including the private and public intelligence, intelligence shared within your Trusted Circles, and the community-based threat intelligence relevant to your organization—are taken into account.

When you communicate and collaborate with like-minded peers and experts, you:

Form a community with similar interests and focus—keeping your organization and its data secure

Contribute in building a centrally-located threat intelligence knowledge base in which everyone benefits

Use this shared intelligence to monitor and detect adversary tactics, and proactively build your defenses against cyber attacks

At no point in sharing do you lose control over privacy of your data—you only share what you want and others only see what you allow to be seen.