Partner Data Sheet: Digital Shadows | Anomali


Partner Data Sheet: Digital Shadows

Know Your Enemies

Detect and respond to digital risk with Anomali and Digital Shadows

Anomali and Digital Shadows Joint Solution Features

  • Accelerate identification of threats to your organization, with enriched context to inform actions
  • Launch defenses faster with lists of indicators associated with an intelligence updates immediately available
  • Investigate threats with SearchLight’s 2000+ threat intelligence profiles

Immediate Time-to-Value

  • Reduce time to predict, prevent, and mitigate critical security actions with reduced false positives
  • Save hundreds of hours in investigation by avoiding switching platforms
  • Operationalize intelligence with built-in takedowns from SearchLight

Accelerate Threat‐Intelligence Led Decisions with One Joint Solution

With the Digital Shadows for Anomali ThreatStream integration, SearchLight’s tailored alerting and curated intelligence are seamlessly integrated giving analysts a single pane of glass. Teams will benefit from receiving the broadest and deepest collection, without being overwhelmed. Teams are ensured precise and accurate alerting with SearchLight’s technology and analyst team removing 95% of false positives.

Critical Intelligence

Tailored, relevant intelligence specific to your company and brand.

Flexible Deployments

Fast, scalable implementation on- premises and in the cloud.

Immediate Results

Broadest coverage and free from noise.

Brand Intelligence


From cybercriminals to nation states, phishing is one of the most popular and trusted tactics. With more than $26 billion lost to Business Email Compromise since 2016, phishing has a real business impact. By impersonating organizations’ brands online, attacks launch more convincing phishing campaigns.


In-depth, accurate and continuous identification of phishing domains, mobile apps and social media profiles. Disrupt your adversaries attempts to target your employees and customers, while safeguarding your brand.

Customer Benefit:

Be instantly notified whenever a domain is registered that resembles your own domains, and take quick and easy remediation with SearchLight’s rich context and takedown options.

Dark Web Intelligence


The dark web is a mysterious unknown for many organizations. Unfortunately, gaining visibility into these locations is extremely challenges – it requires a knowledge of the cybercriminal underground, foreign language capabilities, and technology that can monitor these sources.


Detect data exposed across criminal locations, including employee credentials, payment card data and customer details. Profile and track actors operating on deep and dark web sources.

Customer Benefit:

Gain instant access to hundreds of millions of dark web sources, as well as continuous monitoring of when your exposed data surfaces.

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