Partner Data Sheet: Dragos | Anomali


Partner Data Sheet: Dragos

Protect Your ICS Environment

Consolidated view of IT/OT Threat Intelligence Data with Anomali and Dragos

Anomali and Dragos Joint Solution Features

  • By integrating Dragos WorldView OT threat intelligence feed into Anomali ThreatStream, joint customers will have a consolidated view of both IT and OT threat intelligence in a single pane of glass for improved visibility, and faster and better incident response.
  • Improved ICS vulnerability and threat awareness along with response recommendations from Dragos enables a more proactive security stance across entire IT / OT environment at industrial organizations.
  • Integration of Dragos WorldView OT threat intelligence feed in existing Anomali ThreatStream installations means no additional infrastructure, reduced learning curve, and faster time-to-value.

Immediate Time-to-Value

  • Improved Visibility and Detection: Single pane of glass to view and investigate threats and vulnerabilities across the entire converged IT / OT environment – improves visibility and vulnerability & threat detection, reduces monitor fatigue and context switching, and speeds incident response (IR).
  • Extended Security: Comprehensive OT threat intelligence feed allows security analysts at industrial organizations to seamlessly extend existing capabilities – saves time and resources while reducing the impact of threats.
  • Simplified Account Management: Enable the Dragos ICS threat intelligence feed in the Anomali platform via simple app purchase and activation – brings industrial security into focus with ease.
  • Immediate Time-to-Value: Immediate and effective protection against all types of threats against both enterprise IT and industrial OT network assets – improves overall security posture and resiliency.

Resilient and Adaptable Security

The convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) networks at industrial organizations has exposed Industrial Control Systems (ICS) to increased risk from determined adversaries. Defenders can establish a resilient and adaptable security posture using the ICS threat intelligence from the Dragos team of highly experienced security analysts and industrial responders in the Anomali platform.

Critical Intelligence

Brings industrial security into focus with ease

Flexible Deployments

Fast, scalable implementation on- premises and in the cloud

Immediate Results

Improves overall security posture and resiliency

Case Study: OT & IT Threat Visibility


Security teams lack holistic, unified visibility into the vulnerabilities and constantly evolving threat landscape across their entire IT / OT environment.


Consume the ICS-focused Dragos WorldView threat intelligence feed into Anomali ThreatStream for visibility and convenient access to both IT and OT vulnerability and threat data.

Customer Benefit:

Single pane of glass to view and understand threats and vulnerabilities across the entire IT / OT environment improves visibility, reduces monitor fatigue and speeds incident response.

Case Study: OT & IT Threat Hunting


While enterprise IT threat intelligence is well established and fairly commonplace, there is limited coverage of OT-focused threats. So, security teams have a fragmented view of threats in their IT / OT environments.


Leverage the ICS-focused Dragos threat intelligence feed in Anomali ThreatStream to identify and prioritize critical threats across entire IT / OT environment.

Customer Benefit:

Analysts are able to act based on comprehensive IT and OT threat intelligence, thereby saving time and resources while reducing the impact of cyber events.

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