Partner Data Sheet: Flashpoint


Partner Data Sheet: Flashpoint

Detect and respond to targeted threats with Anomali® and Flashpoint

Anomali and Flashpoint Joint Solution Features:

  • The Anomali Threat Platform connects Flashpoint Illicit Online Community Finished Intelligence with your existing security solutions, making it faster and easier to turn insights into action
  • Gain visibility into industry-specific threats and actors, powered by Flashpoint
  • Investigate Illicit Online Communities through Flashpoint Finished Intelligence and original primary source data
  • Automate detection and analysis of threats specifically targeting the legal industry

Immediate Time-to-Value

  • Immediate and effective endpoint protection against all types of attacks
  • Gain visibility into breaking events to help you understand sophisticated attackers’ motives
  • Prioritize your resources by determining targeted versus commodity attacks

Priceless Data.
Sophisticated Attacks.

Your clients entrust you with their most valuable information. Safeguarding that data has become increasingly difficult as attackers have focused their efforts on the legal industry. Attackers now share tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) regularly with each other, making campaigns easier, more frequent, and more effective than ever. Anomali and Flashpoint combine to bring you current, finished threat intelligence that gives your analysts decision advantage.

Tailored Intelligence

Current, curated intelligence to power investigations

Immediate Results

Enhance your entire security stack, instantly

Flexible Deployments

Fast and scalable, onprem or in the cloud

Privileged Client Information


Protecting sensitive client information is paramount to your business. Mergers and acquisitions, business and trade negotiations, and individual PII are all rich targets for threat actors. In today’s technology dominated world data is shared, copied, and moved to countless information repositories, making it increasingly difficult to ensure that information is secure.


The Anomali Threat Platform connects Flashpoint Illicit Online Community Finished Intelligence with your existing security solutions, making it faster and easier to turn insights into action. Primary source data and finished intelligence are easily tied into collaborative investigations to enhance detection and response to serious threats.

Customer Benefit:

Be instantly notified when threat actors have compromised or shared your sensitive client information through the power of Flashpoint’s unique access to illicit online communities. Anomali detection and prioritization will enable your analysts to assess risk faster and take decisive action.

Phishing Attacks


Cyber threat actors have increasingly employed tactics such as phishing in order to exploit or sell information on the Deep and Dark Web (DDW). The legal industry is specifically targeted by phishing campaigns due to the high number of standard office document exchanges through traditional methods like email. Determining the impact of a phishing email typically takes hours of an analysts’ time and a cumbersome amount of tools.


Anomali Investigations empower the analyst to automatically assess potential phishing emails. Automated workflows ingest email, parse headers, import IOCs, assess impact, and export those investigations to incident response platforms.

Customer Benefit:

Save time and money by reducing the impact of phishing attacks to your organization. Increased situational awareness will shape your security strategy from reactive to proactive.

Monitor illicit online communities with Flashpoint and Anomali integration.

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