Partner Data Sheet: SecneurX | Anomali


Partner Data Sheet: SecneurX

Threat Intelligence to Counter the Latest Threats

Protect against the latest active threats and cyber-attacks with Anomali and SecneurX

Anomali and SecneurX Joint Solution Features

  • Threat Intel Data feeds in Anomali ThreatStream providing real-time access to unique and up to date threat Data sourced globally and expert vetted to allow organizations to protect themselves from cyber threats
  • Threat data that spans the gamut of cyber threats including mobile malware threats, threats targeting IoT/OT infrastructure, and threats targeting organizations providing critical infrastructure
  • Awareness and in-depth insights of both internal and external threats targeting your organization, their attack vectors, and their consequences

Immediate Time-to-Value

  • Protect your data, devices and network infrastructure from cyber threats
  • Identify gaps in your security controls against threats and immediately remediate and validate that the gaps are closed
  • Discover threats lurking within your organization and quickly neutralize them

Prevent Attacks Using Premier Threat Intelligence Data

With the rapid proliferation of malware, cyber threats and threat actors, security teams are inundated with vast amounts of raw data to pore through and respond to threats and attacks. What they need is fine-grained, accurate, and actionable threat intelligence data, prioritized for the security requirements of their respective organizations. Anomali and SecneurX join forces to provide unique, up-to-date and vetted threat intelligence data to protect your organization and your customers and to prevent attacks.

Critical Intelligence

Global coverage of the latest, active, prevalent cyber threats targeting your business.

Unique Data

Data acquired using state-of-the-art technology and vetted by experts, relevant to your business’s needs.

Preventive Defense

Fortify your organization and its infrastructure before you are attacked.

Case Study


Cyber attacks can cripple infrastructure, cause data exfiltration, and result in severe financial loss and brand damage. Ransomware, Trojan and Phishing attacks have cost organizations dearly. How do you keep abreast of the threats to your organization with sufficient and detailed threat intel to protect your organization and meet its unique security requirements?


SecneurX provides comprehensive threat intel gathered from malware communications, events, and exploits observed in the wild, to empower you with invaluable information to counter the threats.

Customer Benefit:

Protect your organization by being armed with the necessary information to implement protections against cyber attacks.

Case Study


There are numerous threats that exist out there with newer ones created on a daily basis. How do you know which threats pose the most danger to your organization?


SecneurX provides threat intel on the latest, active, prevalent threats while qualifying, categorizing and prioritizing the threats to give you insights into the most dangerous threats that would likely be targeting your organization.

Customer Benefit:

While getting a clear view of the vast number of active threats in the wild, you will have up-to-date information on which threats you need to focus on to guard your organization against.

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