Partner Data Sheet: Silobreaker | Anomali


Partner Data Sheet: Silobreaker

Cover Your Blind Spots

Leverage unstructured data to contextualize threats with Anomali and Silobreaker

Anomali and Silobreaker Joint Solution Features

  • The Anomali ThreatStream platform connects Silobreaker’s vast dataset of news, blogs, feeds and forums to your existing security solutions, providing unrivalled visibility into potential threats
  • Map observables to actors, malware and TTPs using Silobreaker data
  • Pivot seamlessly into Silobreaker for additional context and analytics
  • Create content feeds for millions of entities – from malware and vulnerabilities to credentials and credit cards

Immediate Time-to-Value

  • Quickly surface context and evidence for observables
  • Gain visibility into key topics and events reported from over a million sources
  • Enhance your intelligence collection to meet complex and evolving requirements

Strategic Intelligence. Empowering Decisions.

Silobreaker is an intelligence platform that processes and analyses unstructured data. By indexing and analyzing information from close to a million different sources, including blogs, feeds, news, forums, research, pastes and social media, Silobreaker lets customers understand the “what,” “how,” “when,” and “why” of events — as well as the context behind them. The Anomali-Silobreaker integration allows clients to work with unstructured data from a vast array of open and closed sources — without leaving the ThreatStream platform.

Critical Intelligence

Multi-source contextualized intelligence to provide a 360 degree view

Flexible Deployments

Fast, scalable implementation on- premises and in the cloud

Immediate Results

Identify and understand threats more efficiently

All Sources Intelligence Analysis


Even the largest organizations regularly struggle to fulfill their intelligence requirements in a timely fashion, due to the difficulty of collecting and analyzing unstructured data at scale.


Silobreaker acts as an automated intelligence hub for data of all kinds, from open-source news and blogs, to vendor reporting, dark web forums and internal documents. Intelligence, in the form of evidence and observables, is automatically extracted from this content and fed into ThreatStream for analysis.

Customer Benefit:

Streamline the process of intelligence gathering by automating the collection, discovery and delivery of key insights and observables. Save time and look beyond your perimeter to understand cyber threats in the context of your organization and the world at large.

Vulnerability Intelligence


Organizations often have difficulty prioritizing vulnerabilities, and struggle to understand the security risk that unpatched systems pose. Traditional scoring systems cannot provide a holistic picture of risk without accounting for threat actor interest and active exploitation in ongoing campaigns.


Silobreaker tracks threat actor interest in vulnerabilities, exploitation and the distribution of proof-of-concept code across a wide variety of different source types, including the deep & dark web, by partnering with premium data providers. Customizable queries allow intelligence on exploits and vulnerabilities in active use to be sent directly to any ThreatStream instance.

Customer Benefit:

Bring open-source and deep & dark web intelligence on vulnerability exploitation into your prioritization process. Benefit from timely intelligence that simplifies and improves patch management decision-making.

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