Partner Data Sheet: Sixgill
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Partner Data Sheet: Sixgill

Know When Adversaries Are Targeting & Attacking Your Organization
Detect and respond to threats operating in the deep, dark and surface web with Sixgill and Anomali®

Sixgill And Anomali Joint Solution Features

  • This partnership integrates Sixgill deep, dark and surface web intelligence into the Anomali Threat Platform, giving you the ability to rapidly detect and defend against a wider range of adversaries
  • Immediate visibility into threats operating on all levels of the web and on instant messenger apps, alerting you when adversaries are targeting and attacking your business
  • Complete and accurate threat intelligence providing understanding of the malicious activities taking place on the deep, dark and surface web, improving your ability to plan and prioritize security operations

Immediate Time-to-Value

  • Intelligence delivering instant detection of the threats targeting and attacking your organization
  • Integration with existing security infrastructure to increase prevention and mitigation capabilities
  • Reduced risk of data breaches, IP theft, ransomware and other cyberattacks

Constant Attacks,
Limited Resources.

You have to defend against threat actors’ attempts to compromise your organizations’ assets. To do this, you must know who your adversaries are. The current approach to cyber threat intelligence is incomplete. Companies often rely on manual or semi-automatic processes to gather and analyze intelligence. This creates lengthy, expensive and ineffective intelligence cycles that fail to mitigate threats. Sixgill and Anomali have added new, automated, critical threat intelligence that provides insights into how persistent nation state, organized crime, and independent cyber threat actors operate. This gives your over-burdened security team the ability to identify and respond to threats with greater accuracy, efficiency and speed.

Critical Intelligence

Complete, accurate picture of threat actors operating in all levels of the web and on instant messenger apps

Flexible Deployments

Fast, scalable implementation on-premises and in the cloud

Immediate Results

Instantly maximize existing security solutions’ effectiveness

Imminent Threats to Your Assets


Organizations’ most sensitive and valuable assets are connected to the World Wide Web. Adversaries are constantly attempting to access networks to get at both. With millions of threat actors operating across the internet, it is difficult to know which are targeting your organization.


Sixgill deep and dark web intelligence understands cybercriminals’ actions. Joint customers that integrate Sixgill threat intelligence into their Anomali Threat Platforms receive actionable, contextual alerts, letting them know when they are under attack.

Customer Benefit:

Accurate alerts help you to protect your business against threat actors, reducing your risk of being impacted by data breaches and other cyber incidents.

Adding Context to Indicators of Compromise (IOC)


Organizations have too much information and too little context. They face millions of IOCs from internal and external networks. They are hampered by limited resources and a lack of automation. These conditions make it difficult to accurately and efficiently assess risk levels and respond to threats.


Sixgill provides automated monitoring over millions of threat actors. Joint customers that integrate Sixgill threat intelligence into their Anomali Threat Platforms enhance Anomali IOC sets for greater context, which allows them to separate actionable intelligence from useless data.

Customer Benefit:

Automated threat actor monitoring, added context and actionable threat intelligence allows joint customers to create more effective and efficient cyber threat operations that are able to respond to high-priority threats.