Partner Data Sheet: The Media Trust


Partner Data Sheet: The Media Trust

Stop Adversaries Before They Enter Your Network
Detect and respond to Malvertising threats with The Media Trust and Anomali

The Media Trust and Anomali Solution Features

  • Integration of The Media Trust Malware Attack Data (MAD) feed into the Anomali Threat Platform, providing real-time access to accurate threat intelligence about malicious ad campaigns, i.e., malvertising.
  • Access to one-of-a-kind data regarding active malvertising attacks propagated through digital ecosystem.
  • Real-time threat intelligence from The Media Trust MAD feed means joint customers are shielded from malware hidden in ads on sites that employees visit.
  • Differentiate between malicious and legitimate code on the most commonly visited websites and mobile apps, for more accurate blocking and reduced false positives.

Immediate Time-to-Value

  • Fast and easy integration via the Anomali App Store
  • Immediate identification and blocking of malicious code hidden in the advertisements displayed on commonly- visited websites and mobile apps used by your employees
  • Reduce the risk of malware infections on endpoints
  • Reduce false positives and give your cybersecurity and risk professionals faster access to actionable intelligence

Attack Surfaces are Expanding,
Risk Doesn't Have to

In order to do their jobs, employees interact constantly with websites and mobile apps. Every time they visit a site or open an app, the expand your attack surface. To exploit vulnerable endpoints and humans, attackers frequently launch malware campaigns via the digital advertising ecosystem. These malvertising campaigns redirect employees to credential stealing sites and allow attackers to infiltrate corporate networks to steal data and deploy malware. This partnership helps joint customers to utilize the internet for maximum return while keeping risk down to a minimum level.

Critical Intelligence

Accurate, real-time, original source malvertising intelligence

Flexible Deployments

Fast, scalable implementation on-premises and in the cloud

Immediate Results

Raise your security posture and reduce business risk

Web-Based Phishing


HTML5 is not a security panacea. Frequently, The Media Trust detects malware campaigns leveraging HTML5. By hiding malware in ads across numerous premium websites, adversaries forcefully redirect users to phishing pages, where they steal users’ credentials.


Through integration with the Anomali Threat Platform, joint customers are able to use The Media Trust MAD to identify and block malicious domains before they are able to execute redirects.

Customer Benefit:

Credential theft risk is reduced, the legitimate content on websites employees visit renders seamlessly and without delay.



The Media Trust has identified customer support chat tools in use across numerous high-traffic websites that have been compromised and configured to collect customer data.


By integrating The Media Trust MAD data into the Anomali Threat Platform, joint customers are able to identify and block compromised chat feature code running on sites.

Customer Benefit:

Joint customers protect both employees’ personal information and sensitive corporate data against compromised chat features.

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