Partner Data Sheet: ThreatFabric | Anomali


Partner Data Sheet: ThreatFabric

Unweave Mobile Threats

Defend yourself and your customers against mobile malware attacks with Anomali and ThreatFabric

Anomali and ThreatFabric Joint Solution Benefits

  • Anomali ThreatStream connects ThreatFabric Mobile Threat Intelligence with your existing security solutions; making it faster and easier to turn insights into action
  • Gain visibility into the mobile threat landscape and understand the latest mobile banking malware and their capabilities
  • Understand the risk profile of your mobile channel by tracking malware campaigns specifically targeting your mobile banking apps
  • Expand your resources by using our expert- knowledge during investigations and emergency situations

Immediate Time-to-Value

  • Get started immediately with a real-time and continuous feed of actionable indicators
  • Get global visibility on the mobile threat landscape and monitor the threat level of your mobile banking apps in real-time
  • Prioritize detection and response using the target indicators included in both strategic and operational intelligence

Threat actors motivated by financial gain always follow the money and have certainly followed the massive shift to mobile banking. Mobile threats are in constant evolution and many financial institutions have already suffered from mobile-based fraud. The new tactics, techniques and procedures used by criminals have managed to bypass commonly used fraud detection mechanisms. Anomali and ThreatFabric together deliver threat intelligence that provides the imperative insights on the mobile threat landscape you need in order to prevent mobile fraud-by-malware.

ThreatFabric real-time intelligence empowers you to proactively prevent fraud, keeping risk levels to the bare minimum and preserving a positive customer experience.


Continuous operational intelligence, allowing you to be preventive instead of reactive.

Global Visibility

Visibility into the complete mobile threat landscape—in specifically targeting the financial industry.

Expert Access

Expand your resources by asking our experts for help during investigations and emergency cases.

Remote Access Trojans


Consumers remain the weak link in the online payments chain. Being outside of the security perimeter, end-users cannot be forced to adopt corporate security policies. The growing use of remote access Trojans (RAT) provides threat actors the ability to control users’ devices as if they have the device in their own hands - resulting in the personal information theft and financial fraud.


Anomali automatically ingests all the mobile threat intelligence from ThreatFabric. The actionable indicators make it easy and fast for your teams and existing security tools to act upon. The actionable intelligence is enriched with relevant indicators and context in order to correlate it and further enrich it with additional intelligence or investigations.

Customer Benefit:

Be informed of attack campaigns in real time with little to no integration, thanks to the structured intelligence from ThreatFabric. Receiving the operational intelligence directly into Anomali will allow your teams to make it actionable and forward the relevant indicators to your security tools without the need for any human action.

Automated Transactions and Fraud


Financially motivated threat actors are continuously innovating and trying out new methods to remain undetected while performing fraud. A current worrying trend for mobile is ‘on-device-fraud’ where attackers use the mobile device of end-users to perform fraudulent transactions. These attacks are very scalable and hard to detect—as no new device registrations are needed to commit fraud.


ThreatFabric’s mobile threat intelligence includes both operational and strategic intelligence to be able to assess threat- related risk and act immediately without having to transform or enrich the data. All threats detected and tracked are enriched with specific information about techniques they use and capabilities they provide, allowing you to prioritize them according to the highest risk to your online assets.

Customer Benefit:

With the filtering features included in Anomali your analysts will be able to classify and prioritize threats to handle them more efficiently. Prioritization of tasks reduces operations costs, improves performance of the teams, and enables you to prevent fraud.

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