Partner Data Sheet: Verodin


Partner Data Sheet: Verodin

Know Your Adversaries,
Stop Them Before a Breach
Verodin, Anomali® partnership helps you optimize security controls to defend against threats

Anomali and Verodin Joint Solution Features

  • Leverage the Verodin Threat Actor Assurance Module (TAAM) and Anomali Threat Platform to validate the effectiveness of your controls against specific threat actors
  • Gain pinpoint visibility into controls gaps and associated attacker behaviors
  • Continuously assess security program performance against evolving threat-actor campaigns and techniques

Immediate Time-to-Value

  • Manage risk by understanding how adversaries could impact the business before they have a chance to cause a data breach
  • Identify and optimize your highest-impact security investments
  • Increase the ROI of both threat intelligence and security controls by operationalizing adversary intelligence to improve security control effectiveness

Prepare Your Security Controls for an Attack

Enterprises make significant investments in security controls in an attempt to reduce the risk of a breach. Unfortunately, these organizations lack the ability to understand if those investments would withstand the threats that are specifically targeting them. Verodin and Anomali joint customers are able to identify gaps in their controls or misconfigurations that could enable a specific threat actor to compromise them. Once an organization has a baseline understanding of their coverage, they can tune and optimize their security stack to reach a higher level of assurance, reducing the risk of falling victim to an attack.

Critical Intelligence

Understand the performance of your security controls against the most relevant threat actors, their TTPs and tools

Immediate Results

Automate end-to-end integration and reporting

Flexible Deployments

Fast, scalable implementation on- premises and in the cloud

Removing Security Assumptions


Security teams are tasked with stopping adaptive threat actors, but lack full control of the environments they are protecting. As threats evolve and infrastructure changes occur, security teams struggle to understand how well they are protected against motivated adversaries.


By Leveraging Verodin’s Threat Actor Assurance Module (TAAM) and the Anomali Threat Platform, joint customers are able to both baseline and continuously validate their end- to-end controls against the most relevant threat actor techniques and tools. Using Advanced Environmental Drift Analysis, any changes in control effectiveness are immediately revealed to the security team.

Customer Benefit:

Joint customers are able to better manage risk by removing assumptions and understanding of how well their security controls would defend them against the actual threats that are targeting them. Insights gained enable customers to make effective optimization and mitigation decisions, significantly reducing the risk of a breach.

Understanding Control Readiness


Despite investments in threat intelligence programs, security teams find that there is a gap between knowing and stopping enemies. They lack an automated evidence-based way to assess the weaknesses in their controls and prioritize improvements.


The Verodin Threat Actor Assurance Module (TAAM) integrates with the Anomali Threat Platform, enabling users to validate the effectiveness of their security controls against the techniques and tools of specific threat actors.

Customer Benefit:

Joint customers are able to improve the ROI of their threat intelligence and security programs by leveraging threat actor profiles to improve the effectiveness of their security controls. The gap between knowing the adversary and being prepared for them is closed by the ability to immediately and continuously validate the performance of specific controls.

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