Partner Data Sheet: ZeroFox


Partner Data Sheet: ZeroFOX

Know Your Adversaries
Understand Your Digital Threat Landscape
Detect and respond to digital threats with Anomali and ZeroFOX

Anomali and ZeroFOX Joint Solution Features

  • By integrating ZeroFOX social media and digital threat indicators into the Anomali Threat Platform, joint customers will extend their visibility across the cyber threat landscape
  • Gain early warning into social media and digital attacks targeting your organization, assets, executives and locations
  • Streamline traditional threat intelligence and digital risk protection into a single view to quickly take action on cyberthreats

Immediate Time-to-Value

  • Enrich your threat intelligence program with unique social and digital indicators
  • Seamlessly publish global ZeroFOX threat data into your existing Anomali infrastructure
  • Gain visibility and context for cyber attacks stemming from social media and digital channels

Digital Risk Protection
Meets Cyber Threat Intelligence

Adversaries are well aware the security teams have zero visibility and controls over social and digital platforms. Organizations and their employees rely on these platforms to conduct everyday business. Attackers are capitalizing on this security blindspot, creating a modern digital threat landscape. However, social and digital networks also serve as some of the greatest repositories of open-source intelligence. Anomali and ZeroFOX offer a highly contextualized threat feed comprised of social and digital based campaigns and indicators, pulled directly from social and digital data sources and analyzed by ZeroFOX’s analysis engines. This joint offering is ideal for threat intelligence teams seeking to broaden their defense in depth posture and deepen their threat intelligence program with unique social media and digital threat indicators.

Critical Intelligence

Gain insight into malicious social and digital activities

Flexible Deployments

Fast, scalable implementation on-premises and in the cloud

Immediate Results

Raise your security posture and reduce business risk

Critical Visibility into Digital Threats


In today’s digital world, organizations rely on social media and digital platforms to engage customers and grow business. These channels exist outside of the organization’s network, making traditional security measures ineffective in handling digital risks such as account takeover, information leakage, and phishing and malware. Security teams often lack visibility into activity on social media, surface, deep and dark web to effectively address these threats and more.


Integrate social media and digital threat indicators into the Anomali Threat Platform to extend visibility and quickly identify and address digital threats, including executive impersonations, threats of violence posted to social media, and stolen credentials posted on dark web forums.

Customer Benefit:

Identify threats outside the firewall on the platforms where you do business everyday: social media and digital platforms. Within a single view of threats across a wide range of data sources in the Anomali Threat Platform, streamline your security program quickly and effectively.

Phishing Attacks


For security teams concerned with a multitude of threats, it can be difficult to prioritize efforts and understand what threats should be addressed first. The explosion of social media and digital platforms has led to a new category of cyber threats that are often unknown to traditional security teams, leaving them ill-equipped to prioritize and effectively address these risks.


Receive detailed alert information for relevant digital threats, including contextual details, risk ratings and suggested actions from the ZeroFOX Platform directly within the Anomali Threat Platform so you can quickly address top risks.

Customer Benefit:

Prioritize digital risks within the greater context of the threats posed to your organization, all within a single view in the Anomali Threat Platform.

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