Managing Threat Intelligence Playbook from Anomali


Managing Threat Intelligence Playbook

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Your Guide to Evaluating, Selecting, Managing, and Ultimately Optimizing Your Threat Intelligence Management Platform

Understanding threat intelligence and implementing a threat intelligence solution to enhance your cybersecurity strategy should not be an intimidating process. Threat intelligence can improve cyber threat mitigation and accelerate remediation.

With a solid plan, your transition to threat intelligence can be smooth, useful, and insightful. This ebook covers the basic steps for successfully adding threat intelligence to your environment, and how to avoid underutilizing it:

  • What Challenges Do Threat Intelligence Platforms Address?
  • What's Required In a Threat Intelligence Management Platform?
  • How Global Threat Intel Fits Into Cyber Resilience?
  • The Anomali Solution Suite
  • Case Study

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Report also available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Italian.