Accelerating Your Threat Intelligence Integrations: Detect ‘18 Presentation Series

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<h2>Operationalize Threat Intelligence in Your Network to Detect and Prevent Serious Threats</h2><p>Most organizations use a base level filter when they begin integrating threat intelligence within their infrastructure. Over time, they begin to identify what constitutes a priority, and this often varies across the security devices on their network. Anomali offers over 30 different fields that organizations can use to filter intelligence down to the most relevant for their organization. This presentation, led by Jill Cagliostro, Sr. Manager Customer Success from Anomali, covers a process that organizations can use to identify the right filters for their industry vertical, the types of log sources, and integrations on their network, in addition to how to use them.</p><h3>Watch this presentation to learn how to leverage threat intelligence for your organization.</h3>