Addressing the New Threat Intelligence Problems of Scale and Relevance

<p>In this webinar we explain why threat intelligence itself has become a big data problem and how the number of active indicators of compromise has grown into the tens of millions.</p><p>If like many organizations you are trying to review indicators manually, you know first-hand how it can be an impossible task.</p><p>Or like many others, you&#39;re pushing data into a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system and trying to get it to perform a task it was never meant to do.</p><h3>Listen to this webinar and you’ll get insight into:</h3><ul><li>Why a task-based distributed security architecture is a natural augmentation for the SIEM</li><li>Why Threat Intelligence Data should be considered the next big data problem</li><li>The importance of organizational “relevance” for threat intelligence data</li><li>The benefit of applying key indicators of compromise to threat models</li></ul>

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