Adopting an Intelligence-Driven Security Model Panel Discussion

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<h2>Optimize Your Threat Intelligence with these Best Practices</h2> <p>Intelligence-driven security is the model of the future. Too many organizations today only use cyber threat intelligence in a reactive mode, if at all. But threat intelligence can drive the way security teams create and tune their controls in the first place. </p> <p>In this on-demand webinar, industry leaders discussed how they use threat intelligence to drive their security operations, from architecture, to operations, all the way to response. The panel featured Steve Benton, VP of Anomali Threat Research and Scott Dowsett, Field CTO from Anomali, Mark Overholster, Systems Engineer, and James Pope, Director of Customer Training at Corelight. </p> <p>Key points of discussion include:</p> <ul> <li>The most impactful type of intelligence in security operations </li> <li>Obtaining management buy-in for threat hunting</li> <li>Operationalizing threat intelligence for cloud-first organizations</li> <li>How encrypted traffic affects an organization’s ability to hunt threats</li> <li>Best practices to avoid being overwhelmed by the amount of threat data</li> </ul> <p><strong>Watch the panel discussion to hear more recommendations for utilizing threat intelligence. </strong></p>
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