All is Not Quiet on the Cybersecurity Front: A View of Vulnerability Management From the Trenches | Anomali


All is Not Quiet on the Cybersecurity Front

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A View of Vulnerability Management from the Trenches

It is almost 2020 and we live in a world where you cannot connect an unpatched machine to the internet without it being compromised within minutes. It’s as if these devices are charging defenselessly into an internet “no man’s land” instead of sheltering in a foxhole. As practitioners, we are constantly seeing malware and threat actors trying to exploit machines, and in many instances, with vulnerabilities that were disclosed years ago. Given that we are not seeing them slowing down, we have to assume they are successful.

In this on-demand webcast, Joakim Kennedy, Threat Intel Manager for Anomali Research, will cover:

  • Two types of threat actors – mass attacks and personal attacks
  • On the cyber battlefield – the main motive behind attacks along with examples
  • The problem of unpatched machines and methods to solve this issue
  • Recommendations for building a Vulnerability Management Program

Learn how to make it a little quieter on the cybersecurity front by watching this webcast today.