Anomali Product Release May 2022

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<p>In this webinar, you’ll learn about enhancements in The Anomali Platform that enable our Cloud XDR solution. You’ll find out how you can correlate all of your telemetries with global threat intelligence to help you secure your organization.</p> <p>With this release, we’ve extended the list of telemetries supported within our Match Cloud big data threat detection engine. We’ve also added key dashboards to further decision making, and strengthened our alerting capabilities which support actioning and response. </p> <p>You&#39;ll also see how to monitor the status health of intelligence collected and curated by ThreatStream, a critical input to our Cloud XDR solution. And we&#39;ll talk more about TAXII 2.x Client support, and some important response updates enabled via Integrator (v8.0 is released in this timeframe).</p> <p>Get updates on:</p> <ul> <li>New <strong>Telemetries</strong> supported by Cloud XDR</li> <li>More <strong>Dashboarding</strong> in Cloud XDR</li> <li>More complex <strong>Alerting</strong> in Cloud XDR</li> <li>Monitoring <strong>Health Status</strong> of ingested intelligence in ThreatStream</li> <li><strong>Integrator</strong> updates</li> <li>New <strong>TAXII 2.1</strong> support</li> </ul> <p>View the Quarterly Release Webinar or reach out to your customer success manager to learn more. </p>
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