Anomali Threat Day: Building the Texas A&M University System Threat Intelligence Program, Presented by Texas A&M University

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<p>Higher education is a challenging role for infosec teams and can become a difficult threat landscape to manage given the broad scope of work.</p> <p>Listen as Austin Stubblefield, Anomali, and Cody Autrey, Texas A&M University discuss:</p> <ul> <li>The challenges associated with developing a threat intelligence program at Texas A&M</li> <li>How it has become an essential part of their Security Operations Center</li> <li>What the program will look like in the future </li> </ul> <p>They also covered the unique factors Texas A&M has contributed to Cyber Threat Intelligence as a holistic approach and how it plays a part in higher education and state and local government sectors of risk mitigation.</p> <p><strong>Watch on-demand now!</strong></p>
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