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<h2>Delivering Efficient Cyber Resilience</h2> <p>Today, digital transformation efforts, increased cloud adoption, and a heightened threat environment have led to only growing cyber-attacks. Anomali’s mission is to deliver solutions that stop breaches and attackers by narrowing the gap and enabling organizations to proactively, effectively, and efficiently detect and respond to ultimately reduce the risk of falling victim to cyber-attacks.</p> <p>In this session, Ahmed Rubaie, CEO at Anomali, covers:</p> <ul> <li>Anomali’s journey with XDR</li> <li>Efficacy and efficiency of security</li> <li>Focusing on scale, performance, simplicity, and collaborative community</li> <li>Cloud XDR release</li> </ul> <p><strong>Discover how Anomali’s mission and focus on XDR can provide you with efficient cyber resilience in less time.</strong></p>
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