Automating the Boring, Invigorate the Bored: Engineering and Staffing: Detect ‘19 Series

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<p>ON-DEMAND WEBCAST</p><h2>A Bleeding Edge Threat Response Program</h2><p>Threat detection could undoubtedly be viewed as a fool’s endeavor if viewed through a pessimistic lens. You can recognize a threat, make a compensating control to adjust for the same, and expect to receive no fanfare, recognition, bonus, or reduction in cyber insurance premium costs. Perform this exercise several times an hour, and the results are the same. Fail to respond to any of these threats, however, and we know the results. Possible compromise, angry customers and Directors, and regulatory and compliance audits. We’ve painted quite an attractive job description, haven’t we? The challenge, then, is to make threat detection and response attractive to both employers and candidates alike. How do we do this?</p><ul><li>Automate response to obvious threats</li><li>Encourage and reward our Threat Hunters – A single Threat Analyst, when properly trained, can leverage automation to turn focus to the quieter, more targeted, and usually deadly attacks.</li></ul><h3><strong>Want to find out how to amp up your threat detection and response? Join Andrew Pense, IT Security Analyst from Horizon BCBS of NJ, in this on-demand presentation today.</strong></h3>