Best Practices to Elevate Your Threat Hunting Program


Detect LIVE Dec 20 — Best Practices to Elevate Your Threat Hunting Program | ReversingLabs

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Threat hunting is no longer a luxury in the modern Security Operations Center (SOC). The sheer volume of threats and the ability of malware to lurk undetected warrants a program and skillset that proactively reduces time to detection and mitigates business risk.

The growing adoption of threat hunting tools and security frameworks have allowed security teams to play a more vital role in protecting organizations.

As a result, companies are building formal Threat Hunting Programs to fill these undetected malware gaps and meet increasing compliance requirements.

In this session, Chris Hoff of ReversingLabs discusses:

  • How to assess your Threat Hunting maturity
  • Unifying your SOC operations across detection, response, and hunting
  • Hunting for a range of toolsets
  • Explain to manage global and local Threat Intelligence to expose hidden threats
  • Creating an Early Warning System to identify threats before they proliferate

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