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Beyond Your SIEM – Automating Threat Detection at Scale

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Leverage the Power of Anomali Match to Enhance Your Security Operations

Security teams are struggling to effectively detect threats in their environments using security controls with decade-old architectures and prohibitive cost models. Most of the security products in use in the SOC, including your legacy SIEM, were not designed to analyze the massive volumes of threat intelligence and security telemetry available today. In response to this gap, a new generation of security analytics products has emerged that promise to deliver threat detection and prioritization at scale, in real-time, and at a predictable cost.

In this webinar, the Anomali security team and SANS Instructor John Hubbard discuss how the Anomali Match security analytics platform can complement your existing SIEM infrastructure, and improve your security team’s ability to detect, investigate, and respond to threats in your network at scale. Get a better understanding of the economic benefits of faster threat detection and improved SOC productivity, and see a live demo of Anomali Match in action.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how you can continuously detect threats in your network in an automated fashion using Anomali Match.