Black Hat with Anomali: How to Create Public Confidence in Election Systems

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<p>ON-DEMAND WEBCAST</p><h2>How to Create Public Confidence in Election Systems</h2><p>The key to democracy is public confidence in election systems. Winners and losers of an election, as well as the voters, must be able to trust the outcome of the electoral process. Computer forensics is a powerful tool to identify election hacking, but there are obstacles. We&#39;ll look at the forensic analysis of the WinVote voting machine and alternatives to computer forensics to establish public confidence in election systems.</p><p>Election security is a complex topic with numerous areas to consider and analyze. Some areas of interest include:</p><ul><li>The Current State and Belief of Election Cybersecurity Integrity</li><li>Political Views on Cybersecurity</li><li>Likely Targets: Who, What and, Disinformation</li></ul><h4>Watch this Black Hat on-demand webinar featuring Gage Mele, Security Analyst at Anomali, and Carsten Schuermann, Director at DemTech Group to learn more about establishing public confidence in election systems.</h4>
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