Building an Incident Readiness and Response Playbook: Dark Reading and Anomali

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<p>ON-DEMAND WEBCAST</p><h2>Building an Incident Readiness and Response Playbook</h2><p>If your organization was hit by a cyber attack do you have a plan in place to contain the damage? What about eliminating the threat while avoiding the loss of forensic evidence and keeping your organization operational? Organizations need to carry out these actions while upholding compliance requirements, addressing customer questions and paying for all the unforeseen costs. Data breaches are tough, but you can prepare your organization by building an incident readiness and response playbook.</p><p>Marc Green, Senior Principal Security Intelligence Analyst at Anomali, and John Pironti, President at IP Architects will cover:</p><ul><li>What extra resources you should have available now to improve your recovery from a future incident</li><li>Who should be a part of your cyber incident response team</li><li>Forensic best practices</li><li>How to address compliance and data breach notifications requirements</li></ul><h3>Tune into this webinar to understand the fundamentals for building an incident readiness and response playbook to aide your organization in remediating and mitigating cyber attacks.</h3>
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