Building Trust to Support Information Sharing and Security: Detect ‘18 Presentation Series

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<h2>Trust is Critical When It Comes to Bidirectional Sharing for Improved Security</h2><p>Information sharing is intended to be bidirectional, but too often users passively consume information rather than actively creating intel for the broader community. The reason for withholding beneficial, timely, and relevant information boils down to distrust. While distrust is practically a job requirement for security professionals, businesses in the sharing economy have figured out how to create infrastructures that allow strangers to trust each other to exchange goods and services to the benefit of all involved.</p><p>This talk will examine information sharing in the context of the sharing economy, in addition to the greater cultural shift happening around social trust. We&#39;ll argue that the benefits of bidirectional information sharing far exceed the perceived risk.</p><h3>Watch the on-demand presentation to learn more about how to build trust in the intel sharing economy.</h3>