Cyber Threat Intelligence Starts Here: Detect ‘19 Series

<p>Many organizations are still not using threat intelligence to its full potential. Threat intelligence is used to combat the fear of attacks, data overload, and it increases proactivity.<br /> <br /> Watch this informative presentation on building effective cyber intelligence programs where you will learn:</p><ul><li>The problems most companies face</li><li>Fundamentals of intelligence</li><li>The key aspect to focus on building and maintaining an effective intelligence program</li><li>Samples of how mature intelligence programs are structured and function</li></ul><p>Other topic highlights include vendor and source selection, personnel challenges, budgeting, and project planning to improve your intelligence posture.</p><p><strong>Watch the on-demand presentation, led by AJ Nash, Director of Cyber Intelligence Strategy from Anomali.</strong></p>

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