Detect LIVE Jan 21 — Cybersecurity from Scratch–In a Big Startup | Upfield

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<p>When Unilever Deputy CISO, David Mycock decided to run global security for the new “startup" he had to build a cybersecurity program from scratch. Now, Upfield is the largest plant-based food company in the world, operating in 95 countries, including brands such as Flora, Rama, Blue Band, and Country Crock.</p> <p>In this executive dialogue, we spoke to David, CISO, at Upfield where we walked through his journey of building a cybersecurity program covering the design and implementation of the program, foundational decisions and prioritization, green and brownfield opportunities, lessons learned, and future concerns.</p> <p>Key points of discussion included:</p> <ul> <li>Mission for Upfield’s Cybersecurity Program</li> <li>Developing a Plan for the Build Phase</li> <li>Post-Build Cybersecurity Strategy around Threat Intelligence, Detection, and Response</li> <li>Upfield’s Future and How to Keep Up with the Changing Cybersecurity Landscape</li> </ul> <p><strong>Watch the webinar to learn how to build a cybersecurity program from the ground up.</strong></p>