Detect the Next Sunburst Attack


Detect the Next Sunburst Attack

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Your Security Data Should Work For You—Not The Other Way Around

The Sunburst / SolarWinds attack illustrates the dwell-time problem we continue to see in advanced cyberattacks. It starts with an undetected breach, with adversaries in the network trying to find the “crown jewels.”

Eventually, often months later, the breach is discovered, and attack details are released. At this point, security teams from other organizations that may have been targeted need to look back and search their event log data six or 12 months back to determine if they have been breached. Unfortunately, they often find out they can’t, because they don’t have the data online or the data is just not searchable.

This Anomali demo session covered how:

  • Security analytics can complement your SIEM to immediately answer the most fundamental question: Have we been impacted?
  • Continuous retrospective search can speed threat detection, investigation, and response—particularly for critical events like the recent Sunburst and SolarWinds malware attack.
  • You can optimize the interplay between analyst research tools, security analytics systems, threat intelligence platforms, SIEM, and SOAR.

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