Developing Intelligence Requirements: From Concept to Practice

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<p>Intelligence is good. Requirements-driven intelligence is better. This webinar highlights the core benefits and challenges of building an intelligence program that maximizes resources, measures success criteria, and demonstrates the value an intelligence team brings to the organization.</p> <p>In this discussion, Mike DeBolt of Intel 471 and AJ Nash of Anomali explain the concept of Intelligence Requirements (IRs), how to develop these IRs, and how a requirements-driven intelligence program creates more measurable value for enterprises looking to create intelligence-driven security practices.</p> <ul> <li>What are Intelligence Requirements (IRs)?</li> <li>Benefits of Developing Intelligence Requirements (IRs)</li> <li>Challenges in Building Requirements-Driven Intelligence Programs</li> </ul> <p>Listen on-demand and start developing intel requirements and putting them into practice.</p>
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