Driving Investigations with Threat Intelligence Context


Detect LIVE April 21 — Driving Security Investigations with Context | DomainTools

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Threat Intelligence Provides Context to Your Data

Cybersecurity teams are inundated with the sheer volume of data, the ever-increasing skills gap, and the complex and growing adversarial market. SOC and CSIRT teams are turning to Threat Intelligence Platforms to streamline the process of identifying, monitoring, and mitigating potential threats, and improving the speed and accuracy of threat response. 

Learn how the SOC and CSIRT can leverage DomainTools data in Anomali ThreatStream to correlate with additional datasets and export into existing security systems or ticketing systems, automating proactive threat management and mitigation.

In this session, DomainTools Senior Sales Engineer, Taylor Wilkes-Pierce covers:

  • How to leverage domain / DNS data to assess threats
  • Where you can dive into data to gain a better understanding of these threats
  • When to use data to determine countermeasures

Take the first step towards proactive threat management by watching this webinar.