Efficient Triage and Response Using Intelligence-Driven Orchestration | Anomali Webcast


Efficient Triage and Response Using Intelligence-Driven Orchestration

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Mixing threat intelligence with orchestration playbooks delivers faster, more effective response

Finding ways to increase speed, accuracy, and efficiency when responding to threats should be the goal of any security team. Baking threat intelligence into the day-to-day efforts of detecting and responding to threats is a great way to see some of these benefits. Going further and leveraging the power of a playbook-driven orchestration platform can dramatically improve efficiency and consistency.

In this webinar, these concepts will be explored with practical guidance on how to use threat intelligence to feed orchestration which in-turn can drive automated triage or defensive actions. The result is a well-oiled machine where analysts can be situationally aware and quickly drive appropriate response to threats.

When you watch this webinar, you will:

  • Understand how intelligence can be used to reduce false positives, add context to detections, and provide direction on the most critical events to respond to
  • Know how intelligence should feed into and be fed by incident response activities
  • Recognize areas where orchestration can help automate repetitive analyst tasks
  • Get the basics of how to build an efficient response system that is tuned to your environment