Exploit Kits Are Dead—Long Live Exploit Kits: Detect ‘18 Presentation Series

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<h2>A “Cyber Threat” has Garnered National Attention and the World is Mobilizing to Respond</h2><p>Traditionally, intelligence, law enforcement, and the military have been marshalled to respond to security threats. But the cyber domain is unlike any threat we have ever faced. From natural disasters to terrorist attacks, most threats are bounded by the physical world, whereas cyber threats are bounded by technology, existing in a virtual world.</p><p>To combat this threat, we need to situate the response in the proper place within our organizations, which will be the technology shop, home to computer engineers—not cops, warfighters, and spies. Last, we must ensure that responders, policymakers, and operators have the right kind of skills to both understand and combat these cybersecurity threats.</p><h3>Watch the on-demand presentation, led by Paul Sheck, Senior Threat Research Analyst from Anomali.</h3>